Daily Habits

Daily Habits

#1. Write a Victory List. This is an inventory that you write with pen and paper [yes-go analog so your brain gets pushed] noting the 25 victories you’ve created over the year so far. 

This will spark hope, faith, energy and momentum. 

#2. Draw Your Perfect Life. I have my beloved clients who attend The Titan Summitgo through a revolutionary process to plan out the next 50 years of their lives so that they clean out the constraints, strip away the distractions and get super calibrated on implementing the few projects that will cause them to be legendary. This system takes only an hour in the room. Yet it creates pure transformation. 

One client, the founder of a world-class fashion company, shared with me that this single process that he experienced at The Titan Summit was responsible for him achieving financial and human wins he’d never thought he could achieve. And executing on goals he never has been able to get done. He told me, “It worked like magic.”

Part of this system I teach involves drawing out your blueprint of your ideal next 12 months. In precise detail. Feeling the emotions you’ll feel when you’re not only thinking about you living at world-class but also as this gorgeous vision has become your everyday reality. 

This exercise is done around my 8 Forms of Wealth model that so many CEOs from around the world use each week as they plan their schedules. Another key to the transformational power of this Titan Summitexercise is that you absolutely need to raise your standards x25 as you architect your best professional and private life over the coming twelve months. This challenge moves you to lift your courage and consider achievements you’d never thought about before. 

Key: as you know from the latest positive psychology, your personal story about what’s possible becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’ll never perform higher than your self-identity. And what you believe to be possible.

#3. Set Your Monthly 5. On a large piece of paper, record your five priorities for each month in the next year. 

They can be personal or professional. Just get them down so your best nature can start sensing opportunities to make them happen. [The brain looks for what you train it to search for]. 

You now have a tool you can use for regular review to keep you monomaniacally focused on The Vital Few. 

#4. Do a Life Detox Audit. The negative people, the pursuits you dislike and the environments that deplete your joy are costing you fortunes of income and empires of impact. 

When it comes to Best of Breed Performance, one of the most valuable things I explain to my clients is the imperative of releasing these success bandits from your life. 

The people who steal your fire, smother your ambitions and laugh at your visions are keeping your prosperity chained and your impact small. [This is an extremely important insight]. 

Having the wisdom and guts to let them go [while still wishing them well on their life’s journey] is a total results-changer. 

Deleting the energy vampires and drama enthusiasts, methodically and swiftly, will lead to your mindset becoming more positive, your bravery becoming more potent, your work becoming more excellent, your personal life becoming more peaceful and your place in the world becoming more unlimited. 

So you can become the person nature truly wants you to be. 

#5. Run The 60-Minute Student Routine.Spending sixty minutes every day learning and growing is essential. The more you know, the better you can do. And the faster you’ll grow, the higher you’ll fly. The leader who learns the most wins. 

Some of the books I’m currently reading that may be helpful to you include: 

— Shoe Dog by NIKE founder Phil Knight 

— The Hard Thing About Hard Things by venture capitalist Ben Horowitz 

— Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli 

— Eleven Rings by NBA titan Phil Jackson 

— The Way of The Champion by Jerry Lynch 

— Quiet by Susan Cain 

Schedule [the things that get scheduled are the things that get done, right?] a daily period to invest in your personal development and mastery of your craft. 

Build this right into your daily schedule for the next 90 days. Do this. Please. Because victims love entertainment but epic influencers love education. And learning delivers exponentially more optimizations than leisure ever will. 

#6. Make Your Dream Collage. Pictures seduce your subconscious mind on the benefits of your visions. 

Want to get ridiculously fit fast? Find images of your ideal body, the foods you¹ll eat and the new lifestyle you’ll embrace. 

Amped to become The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Your Craft this year? Get some pictures of outright icons and glue them onto a large sheet. 

Do this for all your HVTs [High Value Targets] over the next 12 months. Then put the collage in a place where you can see it often, as positive psychologists now have hard data confirming that “triggers and cues” are powerful forces to reshape daily behavior. 

#7. Take a Wonder Walk. Once you do even 20% of what I’ve encouraged you to do so far in this message [nothing works without the work; so execute on the information I’m sharing so openly with you–please], you¹ll be ultra-clear on what needs to happen for your dreams to get done [Clarity Breeds Mastery]. Big improvements must follow. 

Next, do something I do almost every day: go for a long walk in nature. Many of the most creative and productive people in history ran the ritual of nature walks. Such a core habit. 

As you step, reflect on the opportunity of your life. Resolve to forgive those who have hurt you [they made you stronger and more noble]. And commit to letting go of what no longer serves you [it got you to here]. Remember that the past was perfect preparation for you to become who you now are + to grow the extraordinary life that you now face the opportunity to create. Promise yourself that over the next 3 months you’ll stay with your plans no matter what walls show up. Because they always do. [Relentlessness is the price of greatness.

#8. Create Your Morning Declaration.Come up with a 3-paragraph statement to remind yourself of who you are at your best, how you wish to live each day [master the day and you recode your life] and what you vow to stand for in the world. 

Reciting this declaration aloud when you first wake up reverse hypnotizes your mindset against negativity and resets your heartset so you delete apathy. And bring on your greatest audacity. 

#9. Just Breathe. You know, life’s too short to be too serious. Adults are just deteriorated children. So never lose your sense of wonder.

…Yes, conditions can get tough. 

…Sure, unexpected events happen. 

…Definitely, our great hopes can sometimes be destroyed. 

Yet-there is so much striking beauty in the world. 

And you have much more good in your life than you may realize. The built-in negativity bias of our brain allowed us to survive thousands of years ago against violent threats. Yet, it still often chatters endlessly in our modern culture, causing us to focus on what’s broken instead of celebrating all that’s working. 

So just breathe, keep doing your best and remember that vast blessings are definitely on their way. Amazing things are in your future. And you really are precisely where you need to be. Trust me on this. 

Life has your back. And the world wants you to win… 

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